Same-Day Sessions

@ the Career & Internship Center. 134 Mary Gates Hall.

The quickest way to visit with a career counselor in the Career and Internship Center is to visit us during Same-Day Sessions.

Same-Day Sessions generally take place as follows & availability subject to change.  

10 AM – 4 PM, Tuesday-Thursday (weeks 1-7 of the quarter).  Two counselors will staff this service per day.

10 AM – 4 PM, Monday – Friday (weeks 8-11 of the quarter).  One counselor will staff this service per day.

Open to degree-seeking students at UW Seattle and recent graduates who have received a degree from the UW in the past two years (24 months).

Freshmen/Sophmores Graduate Students International Students Juniors/Transfer Students LGBTQ+ Students Seniors Students of Color Students with Disabilities Undocumented Students Veterans Women
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