Welcome to University of Washington’s secret weapon: Jobscan! 🚀 Ever wondered why your dream job feels out of reach despite having a stellar resume? We’ve partnered with Jobscan to decode the mystery! Fine-tune your resume by analyzing it against specific job descriptions. 

To learn how to maximize your use of Jobscan, we encourage you to view their written tutorial and/or watch the following videos.

A Brief Introduction to Jobscan

Resume Optimization

Jobscan will highlight crucial keywords, skills, and qualifications employers are looking for based on job descriptions you give it.

Tailor your resume, stand out against Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and catch recruiters’ attention!

Job Tracker Tool

Keeping track of jobs you’re applying for and tailoring your resume to fit them should go hand-in-hand. And now they do!

Here’s a short overview of how you can take advantage of Jobscan’s job tracker tool.

LinkedIn Optimizer

Your LinkedIn profile is a great opportunity to create a more comprehensive professional image of yourself, so let’s tailor your LinkedIn profile to your field!

Upload multiple job descriptions, get suggested edits across your profile, and stand out in search results!