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Employment Info for International Students

There are opportunities for international students to intern and work in the U.S., but there are also many challenges.  The …

Cover Letters: Getting Started
Assigning a LinkedIn Learning Course/Video Within Canvas
Maximizing Internships

We asked employers what advice they have for UW students participating in internships. Below you’ll find
direct quotes from employers, …

Informational Interviews & Networking

This is a great resource to help you as you start to build your network. Provides tips on what steps …

Career Fair Success

Use this resource for tips on how to maximize your success at a Career Fair!

STAR Method of Interviewing

The STAR method is an effective way to answer behavior-based interview questions such as “tell me about a time when…”

Handshake: Peer to Peer Networking

Find answers from fellow students that have already been through the internship or job search.