Arts / Media / Marketing Positions of 2019-2020 UW Graduates

This table shows the title, employer, industry, and major for a sampling of 2019-2020 UW graduates who reported working in Arts/Media/Marketing.

Job Title Employer Name Employer Industry Major(s)
Architect Intern 4d Architects Architecture and Planning Architectural Studies
Attractions Cast Member The Walt Disney Co. Movies, TV, Music French / Asian Languages & Cultures
Blogger myself Other Industries Art
Community Organizer political campaign Politics Political Science
Content Strategist Indeed Internet & Software Political Science
Festival Guest Concierge SIFF Cinema Movies, TV, Music Communication / Comparative History of Ideas
Marketing Consultant Vantage Healthcare Economics
Marketing Intern StormX Investment Banking Anthropology
Marketing Specialist Amazon Internet & Software Biochemistry / English
Public Relations Coordinator Seattle Storm/WNBA Sports & Leisure Communication / Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies
UI / UX Designer Wibotic Electronic & Comp. Hardware Design
UX Designer Intern MarkLogic Internet & Software Anthropology / Informatics


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