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Recruiting a robust, diverse candidate pool is an important step in finding the right intern for your organization. The resources below will help you get your internships in front of talented UW students and attract good-fit applicants.

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  • Think broadly about what majors might have the skill set you desire.
  • In your position description, include a section on what interns can expect to learn, as well as start/end dates, hours per week, and pay.
  • Offer compensation in order to attract the best and most diverse candidates.  Over 80% of internship postings in our database are paid and they receive an average of 13 applications, compared to 3 applications for unpaid internships.  Offering pay also increases the investment of all involved and helps ensure that students from all backgrounds have equitable access to internships.  For-profit employers should offer pay unless they can meet DOL Guidelines.


  • In 2017, winter quarter was the most popular time for Huskies to be searching for internships.  There were 3,665 unique UW-Seattle undergrads seeking internships in our database between Jan and March; 3,071 between Oct and Dec; 2,504 between April and June; and 1,160 during July and August.
  • About two-thirds of Huskies want to do summer internships, but internships can take place at any time of the year.
  • Try to post your internship 4-5 months ahead of when you want an intern to start.
  • In some disciplines, summer intern recruitment often happens in autumn; these include tech, engineering, accounting, finance, and consulting.

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