Performance Evaluations and Reflections

Performance Evaluations and Reflections

The variety of student positions and types of relationships employees have with their managers require options to engage students in performance evaluation and reflective conversations.  Managers are welcome to select from the following resources and modify as appropriate to meet the needs of a given position or working culture.

The PDFs are available for download in the links below and the Word documents can be requested by email.

Quick Check-In
This resource provides a simple list of questions to ask a student to get them to think about their engagement with and performance in their job. It is not intended as a formal performance review.

Modified 360 Review
Created as a modified/abbreviated 360 review, this is intended to be used early in the employment cycle to help set norms and catch unwanted observed behaviors displayed by the student. It taps into the experience of others who work with the student to provide the employee feedback beyond what the manager observes.

Competency based performance evaluation for managers and students
This tool uses our Level Up! Career Competencies to guide a formal review of student employee performance based in competencies that build career and leadership development. The manager and student evaluations are designed to be reviewed together and promote the student’s own self-reflection.