Be Boundless

One of my biggest pieces of advice to UW students is to capitalize on their networking skills and to not be afraid of reaching out. A significant part of my academic journey at UW was being involved in research. However, it’s a daunting task to cold email professors. Through my time at UW, I’ve realized that professors are excited to mentor and help students. I’ve been extremely lucky to have incredible mentors that have left indelible marks in my academic career. Additionally, having an extensive network helped me when I was applying to grad school as I had contacts in different schools.

My last piece of advice is to follow your passion! Sometimes it’s easy to be swept away in what we think we should be studying, or being pressured by others to follow a different career path than what we want. However, it’s hard to stay interested in the work we do if we don’t feel passionate. My biggest hope is that students choose the major that excites them so much, that even an 8:30 class is bearable😊 Passion and impact come hand in hand.


Academics – Public Health-Global Health, Class of 2022
Identities – She/Her
Interests – Health

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Graduate School, Health
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