Graduating C&IC Peer Adviser Shares Advice as She Reflects on Her Time at UW


It’s okay to ask for help.  Seriously.  Coaches are literally paid to help you!
I see a lot of people be intimidated by the multitude of information and services offered by the Career & Internship Center, but my biggest tip would be to be super transparent about what you want out of your college experience and ask for help reaching those goals! We have incredible staff whose entire jobs are to help guide your professional success and they’re ready to help at ANY stage of that process—whether you’ve never heard of a cover letter or want a second look at an offer letter and salary negotiations.

It’s totally normal to NOT have your life figured out.
I feel that people come to UW expecting that every other Husky knows exactly what they want to study and who they want to be, when that’s so far from the truth! The four years spent on campus are full of personal growth and changes, and it’s SO NORMAL to not know exactly what you want to do yet, the Career & Internship Center is just here to help narrow down that search and help you be most successful during your time at UW and during that transition into post-grad life.

Do a mock interview.  Guaranteed to help.
Most students know about our Online Resume Review offering and opportunities for advising, but I would encourage students to check out our Mock Interview appointments! Interviewing is scary, and practicing with a coach might sound intimidating and theatrical, but it can be extremely helpful in figuring out your personal jitters and body language when interviewing, and help you become more natural at answering questions in real time and in articulating your thoughts in a calm and collected manner.

Academics – Communication & History / Class of 2021
Interests – Arts/Media/Marketing
Identities – she/her