It’s All About Stepping Stones

I would advise UW students to look for ways to gain experience in your field outside of your classes, because it will make it a million times easier to get a job in the future. Experiences can take the form of internships, lab research, on campus jobs, clubs, etc., and even if they are not exactly in the field that you’re interested in, they will still be a great resume builder which will help you get to that next step. For example, my first internship was at a nonprofit whose work I was not particularly passionate about, but that job allowed me to get other internships in more relevant fields, and those internships allowed me to secure an AmeriCorps position right out of school. With any luck, my year with AmeriCorps will launch my career in the nonprofit world. It’s all about stepping stones!


Academics – International Studies – Development Track / Class of 2021
Interests – Non-Profit, Social Justice, Education
Identities – she/her

Work Experience
  • Community Relations Coordinator - AmeriCorps VISTA
  • Hunger Intervention Program / United Way of King County
Jobs, Non-Profit / Social Justice / Education
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