Women in STEM

My name is Lauren Burgess and I am a Research Associate at Phase Genomics. Phase Genomics was founded with the mission of maximizing the impact of genomics on society. With the vast majority of biological information remaining un-explored, we seek to empower researchers to make breakthrough discoveries using the power of advanced, next-generation genomic tools. As a Research Associate I assist in the processing of customer samples, internal research and development tasks, and the production of reagents for external users of our Phase Genomics kits.

From my own experience as a recent first generation college graduate and as a women working in STEM, I learned that success is not measured by raw intelligence, but by persistence. My advice to women entering STEM is: even when course loads become seemingly impossible to manage, remember that it is possible with hard work. You’re not alone in your struggle, and you will only become a stronger student, worker and overall woman through overcoming these challenges.


Academics – Microbiology / Class of 2021
Interests – Physical & Life Sciences
Identities – she/her, LGBTQ+ students, first generation student

Work Experience
  • Research Associate
  • Phase Genomics
First Generation Students, LGBTQ+ Students, Physical & Life Sciences
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