All knowledge is related. Make connections by learning and learn by making connections.

While it is always important to tackle problems with a beginner’s mind, you are more likely to fully grasp new knowledge if you connect it to old knowledge. For example, if you are learning about a system that is sensitive to change, consider what other systems you may already understand: the market, the atmosphere, or some piece of technology. Find out if the new system behaves like your prior example. You may also find that there is an absence of similarity. This is helpful too. Like a familiar place, the more ways we can relate to knowledge, the stronger impression the knowledge holds in our mind. With enough practice, you will be able to walk into any conversation, or any classroom, and find value in its content.


Academics – Electrical and Computer Engineering, Class of 2024
Interests – Physical & Life Sciences, Tech/Data/Gaming
Identities – he/him

Work Experience
  • Masters of Applied Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • The University of Waterloo
Graduate School, Physical & Life Sciences
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