Relax! It is fine not to know or have everything altogether at once. 

The vast majority of people I know in grad school enrolled years after undergrad, and even then no one has an exact plan. We all got in, know the same stuff, are taking the same classes. Similarly, the rankings and prestige name-games do not matter as much as in undergrad. I had the privilege to pick between Cornell Law and UW Law, and honestly could not tell what advantage an ivy league school would ever give me in Seattle long-term. UW Law punches about the same weight as Cornell in my specific subject area, but UW prepares me so much more to practice in my field in the northwest, where I want to live. I really wish I had known beforehand to prepare for a place and specialization rather than a name. It would have saved a lot of time worrying that I could have spent just enjoying my undergrad at UW.


Academics – Political Science & English / Class of 2021
Interests – Law/Government/Policy, Non-Profit/Social Justice/Education
Identities – he/him, LGBTQ+ student, transfer student

Work Experience
  • JD Student
  • UW School of Law
Graduate School, Law / Government / Policy, LGBTQ+ Students, Transfer Students