Don’t be afraid to dive head first! 

When I was in my junior year of my BA at UW I was reaching out to different mental health clinics to see if I could do an unpaid internship. I reached out to Jen at Beautiful Autism and she offered me a full-time job! This was terrifying as I had never worked in the pediatric field, especially not in the field of disabilities and mental health. However, I prayed and jumped head first into this job. I have been able to not only rise through the ranks and become a certified counselor who is now working towards my doctorate in clinical psychology, but I also have been able to work directly under a clinical psychologist and proctor assessments, write reports, and work with an amazing population of kids. My advice is; trust and believe in yourself, you are your own self advocate. You are capable of doing amazing things, but you need to be able to trust yourself first. Remember that impostor syndrome is a real condition, and it is okay to feel overwhelmed and unsure of yourself and your role in life. But there is a plan and there is a place for you no matter your experience nor your education level. Go out there and rock this!


Academics – Sociology / Class of 2020
Interests – Health / Non-Profit, Social Justice, Education
Identities – she/her, First Generation Student, Student with a Disability

Work Experience
  • Certified Counselor
  • Beautiful Autism
First Generation Students, Health, Jobs, Non-Profit / Social Justice / Education, Students with Disabilities
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