Explore All of Your Interests, Even If They’re Not Cohesive

Do all that you can to explore your interests while you’re in college (and in life!), even if you can’t see how they fit into your intended career path yet. I started college as an International Studies major and ended up graduating with a Mathematics degree after trying a math class out of curiosity. I couldn’t be happier. And, honestly, my experience writing policy recommendation briefs for International Studies classes has been just as instrumental in my career as my Mathematics background has. So just keep collecting the eclectic collage of skills, interests, and experiences that are unique to YOU, even if you don’t see the practical value of it yet, because it all might come together in the future. Even if not, then you got to have lots of fun along the way!


Academics – Mathematics / Class of 2020
Interests – Tech, Data, Gaming
Identities – she/her

Work Experience
Jobs, Tech / Data / Gaming