Know Thyself: Finding the right program matters. Ranking / prestige does not.

In your personal statement, do not write what you think they want to hear; authentically discuss what you have to offer, what lights you up, and address any relevant weaknesses in a way that shows self-awareness. It’s not fair that some students have the financial support of their families while others have to make decisions based on practical matters. Within the constraints of your situation, find the school that is the best fit for your learning style. You may have choices and AGONIZE over the decision of which program to pick. Use your head, heart, and gut to make this decision, but don’t use your head toooo much. 🙂 HAVE MULTIPLE PEOPLE GIVE FEEDBACK ON YOUR PERSONAL STATEMENTS: make sure some of these people are much older and wiser than you.


Academics – Speech & Hearing Sciences / Class of 2021
Interests – Health
Identities – she/her, students of color, transfer student

Work Experience
Graduate School, Health, Students of Color, Transfer Students