Incarcerated Mothers Advocacy Project

Student Organizations

The Incarcerated Mothers Advocacy Project (IMAP) is a coalition of law students, lawyers, and anti-racist organizers that provide resources and support that heal the relationships harmed by incarceration. We envision a world where families can be together & thrive, free from the prison industrial complex. We seek to change the rights afforded incarcerated and formerly incarcerated parents in the State of Washington. We currently provide legal education and information to help prevent the separation of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated parents from their children. We believe that the incarceration of womxn, and further, the separation of incarcerated parents from their children due to incarceration, is a form of violence and reproductive oppression. We envision a day in which womxn of every color, ability, class and sexual orientation are able to help shape the policies that affect them and their families. In such a world, the rights of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated womxn as persons and parents would not only be respected but also supported.