Internship Course Manager Learning Community

The Internship Course Manager Learning Community holds regular meetings to discuss internship course curriculum, industry trends, best practices, common challenges, and more. Staff and faculty who currently teach courses that guide students in reflection on their internship, or are interested in creating such a course, are encouraged to attend.

Connect with Other Internship Course Managers

The Career & Internship Center offers resources to help internship course managers connect and learn from each other.

  • Internship Course Manager email listEmail us if you manage an internship course and would like to receive periodic updates about internship resources and invitations to related events.
  • Internship Course Manager Learning Community Meet-ups – A group of about 10-15 internship course managers gathers every 6 to 8 weeks to toss around questions, ideas, and resources all under the umbrella of enhancing student learning in internships and internship courses. Invitations are sent to the Internship Course Manager email list.  All are welcome!
  • Internship Course Manager Shared OneDrive – The Learning Community maintains a shared space for sample syllabi and risk management forms, informational articles, etc. Email us if you would like access to it.
  • Questions? – If you have questions regarding your internship course, please contact us at the Career & Internship Center.

View Sample Internship Course Materials

Click here to view the website for the Gen St 350 Distance Learning Internship Course that launched in Winter 2018.