Exhibitor Information: UW Virtual Law School Fair

Thank you for registering for the University of Washington’s Virtual Law School Fair! This page is intended to support you in navigating the Handshake Virtual Fair environment.

Date: Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm PDT
Platform: Handshake’s Virtual Fair Platform

The platform will allow for pre-scheduled 1:1 video chats along with group sessions. Each school’s registration will include:

  • Up to 15 participating representatives from your organization
  • Each representative will be able to create their own 1:1 schedule. These schedules include 10 minute slots with the ability to set student qualifications.
  • Each school will be able to host 8 group sessions throughout the event. These sessions can last up to 30 minutes with a limit of 50 attendees in each. If you want to engage more than 50 students in a session, you can provide a link to an external video hosting platform like Zoom or WebEx.

Important Details:

  • All employer representatives will need to have active Handshake user accounts before they are able to set up 1:1 schedules or participate in group sessions.
    • Find out how to create a user account here.
    • Have representatives joining the fair who aren’t recruiters? There is a new user account type in Handshake. Find more information here.
  • Representative names, 1:1 schedules, and group sessions do not need to be set now. You may log back in to complete or add to this information between now and the close of registration.
  • When registering, include any/all contacts you would like to receive communication about the fair.

Handshake’s Materials for Registration and Fair Participation:

Handshake is creating comprehensive training content to assist with your registration, scheduling, and day-of participation. We will be adding links to those materials to this page as they become available. Anywhere that ‘Employers’ are noted, the information also applies to Admissions Representatives/Graduate Schools.  Review some helpful resources here:

Comprehensive Guide – Virtual Fairs in Handshake: A Guide for Employers
Virtual Career Fairs – A Playbook for Employers on Handshake
Video – How to Set a Schedule for a Virtual Fair
Training Webinar – Handshake Virtual Career Fair Training for Employers
Handshake Virtual Fair Office Hours – sign up here
UW Handshake Virtual Fair Best Practices – find document here

Individual Help Articles:

Registration and Adding Reps
How to Register for the Virtual Fair
How to Edit Your Registration
How to Add a Representative to Your Registration
How to Change the Registrant on a Registration

Creating and Managing Schedules
Creating a Schedule for Virtual Fairs
Claiming & Participating in a Schedule
Schedule Management

Questions? Contact ccsevent@uw.edu.