LSAT Preparation & Tips

LSAT Prep Courses

We recommend:

  1. Go through a FREE online prep course that was created by LSAC in partnership with Khan Academy
  2. Take an Official LSAT Practice Test and see how well you perform
  3. Take note of what sections you struggles with or if you feel like you have a good understanding of the test.
  4. Based on that, start researching which type of support will work best for you in terms of studying and preparation for the LSAT

The list below is not comprehensive of all LSAT prep courses offered and we do not endorse any specific prep course. We encourage you to research them to determine which one, if any, is the best one for you. 

Law School Admission Council (LSAC)

  • LSAC– Types of LSAT Questions
  • LSAC- Sample LSAT Test
  • LSAC- LSAT Test Prep Books and eBooks
  • LSAC- How to prepare for the Digital LSAT

LSAT Study Plans


LSAT Books:

(Besides the LSAC 10 Actual Office LSAT Prep Test Volumes) We do not recommend any of the following test prep books. We encourage you to find one that best suits your study needs.