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Diversify your internship search:

  • Contacts – get referrals from friends, family, professors, advisers, etc.
  • Events – employer information sessions and departmental, university, and regional fairs
  • Online – Handshake, UW departmental websites, employer websites, internship clearinghouse sites, internet keyword searches, etc.
  • Create your own – approach an organization you feel passionate about with a proposal stating how you could benefit them and what you could learn from them

Get your materials together:

  • Draft and polish a resume, cover letter, intro email, and thank you email. The importance of these documents cannot be overstated; make sure they are error-free and tailored to specific internships.
  • Create a professional LinkedIn profile.

Evaluate opportunities:

  • Does the internship involve meaningful work or just menial tasks?
  • Does the employer seem committed to providing ongoing supervision and feedback?
  • Are you genuinely interested in the internship and do you have time to fully engage in it?

Next Steps