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Many students are interested in internships but unclear about what they are exactly.  The goal of this page is to arm you with accurate knowledge so you can make an informed decision about if and when you should do an internship.



 Understand what an internship is:

  • Stronger focus on student learning than is typical with part-time jobs
  • Time-limited experience (usually a quarter or two) in a workplace setting

 Reflect on what you want out of an internship:

  • Learn a new skill or practice a skill you recently learned
  • Apply your classroom learning in a real-world setting
  • Experience a new sector, industry, or work setting
  • Explore an interesting career path
  • Get your foot in the door at a specific organization

 Consider timing:

  • Internships can happen anytime of the year. When can you squeeze in a 10-15 hour a week internship?
  • Many students complete their first internship as a sophomore or junior.  When would make the most sense for you?

Think about compensation & credit:

  • Many internships are paid but some are not. How important is pay to you?
  • Do you want to pay for and earn academic credit for demonstrating the learning that takes place in your internship? Earning credit is optional (for domestic students) and won’t affect your ability to receive pay from the employer. Learn more about credit options here.

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