International Students & Applying to U.S Medical Schools

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Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)-

Applying to Medical School as an International Applicant

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“In 2019, 48 schools indicated in the Medical School Admission Requirements that they accept applications from international applicants. You can research an individual medical school’s admissions policies on its website or within the “Application Deadlines and Requirements” section in the Medical School Admission Requirements.

In the 2019 application cycle, 1,890 foreign applicants applied to M.D. granting programs in the United States and 325 of those applicants were accepted. Of those accepted, 272 matriculated into medical school. (This includes applicants who applied via AMCAS and TMDSAS).”

PDF document from AAMC: Applying to Medical School as an International Student (Aspiring Docs)

Pre-Med Options for International Students

U.S Medical Schools that do accept International Students:

Please use AAMC’s Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) to research medical schools that do accept international students. Research how many international students the school interviewed in the last admissions cycle.

Because international students are accepted to U.S. medical schools at a lower rate than domestic students, we strongly suggest that you consider adding the following programs to your list, when you begin your medical school application process:



The University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia has a partnership with a health consortium in the U.S., which takes all of their students who want to pursue residencies in the US. They offer a Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program.


The Duke-NUS Doctor of Medicine (MD) spans 4 years, and graduates are awarded a joint Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree by Duke University and the National University of Singapore (NUS).


Canadian Medical Schools may be more challenging to get into than U.S. medical schools if you are not from a Canadian province:

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