Hiring for on-campus student roles

UW students are looking for on-campus employment! During the  2016-2017 academic year, the UW Career & Internship Center conducted a year-long survey that simply asked: ‘What opportunities are you looking for in the database’? Over 7,800 students (about 30% of total respondents) indicated they were primarily searching for on-campus employment.

To help facilitate connections between UW departments and students we’ve compiled resources and information below to assist you in hiring and supporting UW students on campus!


Posting On-Campus Jobs to Students:

All matriculating and registered UW students have access to Handshake, a powerful recruiting platform for both external employers and on-campus departments to post jobs and internships. UW departments are welcome to create a ‘company’ account on Handshake and post on-campus employment opportunities to students. Find step-by-step instructions to set up a company account for your department on Handshake here!

For additional recruitment ideas, click here.

Hiring International Students:

In most cases, UW Departments CAN hire international students for student on-campus roles!  Details here: https://iss.washington.edu/employment/f1-employment/on-campus/ .

UW International Student Services is the subject matter expert providing guidance to international UW students and assisting UW departments who wish to hire them, including information on:

The UW ISS office also offers various workshops to students which can help UW staff and faculty better understand international student work options while on-campus. Please contact the UW ISS office directly for any additional questions you may have: uwiss@uw.edu


Student Employee Eligibility & Compensation:

University of Washington Human Resources can provide guidance on the procedures & process of hiring UW student employees, including:

  • Employment Eligibility & Monitoring
  • Compensation Information
  • Work Hour Limits
  • Hourly Pay Requirements, Work Records, and Overtime

Please contact your department, college/school, or division’s HR Consultant or Employment Specialist for any additional questions you may have regarding the procedure of hiring student employees.



Supervising Student Employees:

UW HR’s Professional & Organizational Development division offers a Supervising Student Employees course specifically designed for UW staff who currently work with, or anticipate working with, student employees. This course delves into techniques for calibrating expectations, coaching and mentoring students, giving feedback, intentionally encouraging student learning and reflection, and crafting an experience that helps prepare students for the professional world. The course is typically offered in winter and summer quarters.

Resources for Managers of Student Employees:

The Division of Student Life’s Task Force on Student Employment created a toolkit of resources aimed at assisting managers of student employees widely across campus, categorized into three main content areas:

  1. Hiring – crafting job descriptions, where and how to post jobs, hiring work-study students, etc.
  2. Orientation – new hire checklist
  3. Supporting student success – performance check-in language, conversation prompts to have when meeting with students, job competencies, etc.

Please note that the content is branded with the Division of Student Life but you are welcome to re-purpose these materials specific to your departmental needs.

Access to the canvas site must be granted before reviewing these materials. Please email Briana Randall to request access.

Supporting Student Interns:

Offering high-quality internships takes intentional planning and implementation but increases intern engagement, learning, and loyalty.  The Director of the Jerry Baldasty Internship Project, Briana Randall, created resources with the goal of setting up both organizations and interns for maximum success.  Click here for short video clips, one-pagers, templates, and advice.