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Dependable Strengths for Grad Students and Postdocs

Learn about your unique strengths and how to leverage them! The Dependable Strengths seminar provides a safe place for graduate level students, alumni, and post-doctoral fellows to consider career possibilities inside and outside academia. Participants explore good experiences to discover their unique patterns of strengths; identify which strengths they want to use in a career; and develop language that articulates their strengths and reflects their potential. Cost: $75.00 payable at time of registration and/or due 2 weeks prior to the start of the workshop. This is a full-day workshop (9am-4pm) with breaks for lunch and coffee. We provide morning coffee, however lunch is on your own. Who can attend: Open to current UW graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, plus graduate-level alumni. Upcoming Workshops:

  • TBD

Questions? Read on for answers to commonly-asked questions about the Dependable Strengths Workshop. FAQ’s: 1. What should I expect? Expect to learn more about your strengths and skills, perhaps uncovering strengths that have been obscured over time. You will also learn tools and strategies for applying your strengths to explore and assess career opportunities. The workshop has both independent and group work elements. Participants are all graduate students or postdocs so attendees often share common academic experiences of doing research, writing, teaching and more. 2. What have past attendees said? Glad you asked! Some of our recent attendees have said:

  • “I have strengths and they are useful!”
  • “[I] learned how to clearly articulate (write and discuss) my strengths.”
  • “There are many career options available. Even if I have been on a linear path, there are ways to seek new options.”
  • “[I learned] more about what actually motivates me and drives me and that where I am career wise currently actually hinders me from using my true skills and passions. But, I have somewhere to start now.”

3. How should I prepare? Participants will be emailed a brief questionnaire and brainstorming sheet to fill out prior to attending which they will bring to the workshop. This brainstorming activity helps the workshop get started right away. 4. What if I get sick or my plans suddenly change, can I get a refund? We are happy to offer full refunds provided you let us know by March 14th, 2018. In lieu of a refund you can carry over the registration cost to the next DS session, provided you register for it. 5. Can I pay with a UW budget code? Yes! You can pay with a UW departmental budget code. 6. What is covered in the registration fee? The $75 dollars covers all materials, morning coffee & tea, plus light snacks. Participants bring their own lunch or buy their lunch on campus.