Get to Know Your Career & Internship Center

What We’re All About:

  • We empower students and recent graduates to launch their careers and prepare for future transitions.
  • Our mission statement reads:  “In helping students to successfully connect their academic accomplishments with a wide variety of employers and to move forward in their roles as well-educated world citizens, the Career & Internship Center aims to simultaneously support the goals of each individual as well as the goals of our broader context: employers, the university, the state, our nation, and the extended global community.”

What We Help Students Do:

  • Explore…things that help them better understand themselves. This includes exploring their interests, strengths, and values; the university at large including majors, classes and RSOs; and the community around them.
  • Experience…activities that will help them enhance their academic and professional growth.  We encourage participation in an array of learning opportunities such as internships, campus jobs, service learning, research, leadership, mentoring, networking, conferences, study abroad, and more.
  • Engage…with people around them to learn more about opportunities and options as they move through their journey at UW and beyond.  This includes advisers, professors, classmates, alumni, community members, and employers.

What We Provide:

Who We Are:

  • The Career & Internship Center employs 16 staff across two locations – our main location in MGH and the Career Center @ Engineering in Loew.  Part of our team works directly with students and recent graduates – providing information and advice on a range of career development and job search topics.  Part of our team works directly with employers – interacting with them through our online jobs board, campus interview program, career fairs, and panels.  We also employ student workers who assist with every facet of our operation.