Explore, Experience & Engage

3e-purple-vector-with-black-wordsYour UW education is more than a degree. Throughout your time here, you will be developing the skills, knowledge, and abilities to succeed in your chosen work endeavors. At the Career & Internship Center, we use the 3Es to provide a roadmap as you think about the development of your career and Husky Experience.  

Explore…things that better help you understand yourself. This includes exploring your own interests and strengths, the university at large including majors, classes and RSOs, and the community around you.

Experience…is something to be gained in many places in types of ways. While here at the UW, you can pursue study abroad, internships, jobs, career fair, mentorship, interviewing, professional relationships, research, conferences/development, and more as various types of experience enhancing your student and professional growth.

Engage…with people around you to learn more about opportunities and options as you move through your journey at UW and beyond. Engage with advisors, professors, alumni, community members, employers, and with career resources.

See how the Career & Internship Center can help you pursue your unique interests and opportunities to explore, experience and engage.