Summer Internship Tech Panel hosted by Dubstech

Currently, freshman and sophomore students apply to a few tech jobs in big tech companies in the USA with many not even applying for a job. This is because they are unaware that many more tech opportunities exist and because they don’t feel confident enough.

The main objective of our event is to change this. We want to make students consider applying to a diverse range of companies(including the government) and tech jobs in a diverse range of countries.

We will have 5 speakers from 5 different types of tech internships:

  • Swojit Mohapatra, Microsoft, Bellevue
  • Andrea Chen, U.S. Census, Washington D.C.
  • Siddarth Naik, VMware, San Francisco
  • Carol Cheng, Alibaba Cloud, Hangzhou, China
  • Zoshua Colah, Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Mumbai, India

Our event will be split up into the following segments:

  • Introductory Presentations by each speaker
  • Panel talk with all 5 speakers together
  • Individual breakout
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