Expedition: Hackathon

Lots of people curate our news for us (Facebook, CNN, etc) so that we get only the news that we want. What if your job was to curate the top stories to different national security decision-makers that each had their own interests? Due to their incredibly demanding schedules, our nation’s leaders receive only a quick briefing with a printed book containing the news and information they need to know. How would you curate a more relevant briefing book for these decision makers?

If you were the curator for these books, how could we use your experiences choosing each day’s stories to refine, prioritize, and suggestthe most relevant content for future briefing books?


  • We use a private cloud. Your solution can use all the data sources you want, but your technology (compute power, machine learning, etc.) must be able to exist within a private cloud.
  • Each briefer has multiple customers and therefore will build multiple books from a variety of feeds.


  • First Place: $10,000
  • Runner up: $1,000
  • Crowd Favorite: $500
  • Most Creative: $500

Recruiters will be on hand from the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency – Bring a Resume! Door Prizes and Raffles will also be conducted! 


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