Culture Wall

In Spring 2019, the Career & Internship embarked on an initiative to visually represent our values, our hopes for our work and our hopes for UW students and alumni as they navigate their professional path. The resulting tiles were created with the help of the culture design company Gaping Void, and hang on the wall of our Career & Internship Center lobby. But while we’re away from our lobby, and while many of you are working and learning from all over the globe, we wanted to be sure that these commitments remained highlighted in our work and our support of Huskies.

Equity, diversity & inclusion strengthen each other

Success has many forms because people have many forms

Failure is part of success


Feeling appreciated is such a simple emotion

Collaboration connects minds

Be curious. Stay curious.

We are empowered

Generosity of spirit

Gratitude creates joy in the little things

Growth mindset

Help yourself by helping others

Small teams. Big impact.

In this together



Let’s collaborate!

Make your story matter

Moments of joy


Shared experiences are the best kind

Remember your strengths. Don’t worry about weakness.

Stretch yourself