Hargis Engineers, Inc.

At Hargis, we blend our technical know-how with our creative aptitude to enhance the human experience of the built-environment. We work as part of teams that create spaces that shape where and how people work, live, learn, heal, shop, play and govern. We are the ones behind the infrastructure that connects enterprises virtually, the systems that safeguard people and property, the environmental controls responsive to occupant comfort and power the systems that bring a building and campus to life.

We thrive in applying our perspective to improve the overall outcome for those who turn to us as a professional resource. We do this with intensity, integrity and ingenuity that have fueled our deep history and trust among a number of notable visionaries across the eight market sectors we serve globally.

Our drive to serve our clients is matched by our commitment to our employees. We invest in our team members by developing a worklife experience that fosters personal and professional growth and satisfaction. Practiced and refined for over six decades, we have created an environment that embraces interns (many of whom return as fulltime employees) and reciprocates a committed team, family-like atmosphere.

With over 60 years of experience, 160 employees and active projects on 6 continents, we have stories to share and client successes to celebrate!