Campus Internship Development Fund

The Campus Internship Development Fund (CIDF) provides temporary monies to UW-Seattle departments for the purpose of hiring UW-Seattle students into high-quality, short-term internship positions. The program was started in 2018 and has provided funding nearly 200 interns since its inception.

CIDF Application for the 2023-24 is closed.

This page will provide more information for current and prospective departments about the program, application process, supervisory resources, hours reporting, and program evaluations. If you have any questions about participation in the CIDF program, please email the CIDF Program Manager at

  • Program Background

      • Opportunities to learn outside the classroom are a critical component of a college education. Internships are a powerful mechanism for students to develop their skills, expand their network, fine-tune their career goals, and enhance their post-collegiate employability. Student demand for high-quality, easily accessible internships outweighs supply.
      • Therefore, the primary goal of the Campus Internship Development Fund is to increase student access to these pivotal professional learning experiences. The secondary purpose is to provide UW departments with a cost-effective way to leverage Husky talent in support of unit goals.
      • In addition, we acknowledge that not all students have the capacity for a multi-quarter internship experience and not all UW departments have projects that require so many hours worked. For the 2023-24 year, we are piloting a micro-internship funding option for CIDF units for summer 2023 only. Micro-internships are short-term, paid, professional assignments that are similar to those given to new hires or interns and should take between 5 and 50 hours to complete in a week 1-4 week time span.
  • Annual Statistics

      • 2018-19 Academic Year – 30 interns funded in 28 departments. Learn more on our 18-19 infographic.
      • 2019-20 Academic Year – 45 interns funded in 37 departments. Learn more on our 19-20 infographic.
      • 2020-21 Academic Year – 31 interns funded in 30 departments. Learn more on our 20-21 infographic.
      • 2021-22 Academic Year – 51 interns funded in 49 departments. Learn more on our 21-22 infographic.
      • 2022-23 Academic Year – 41 interns funded in 34 departments. Infographic coming soon!
  • CIDF Application

      • The application for the 2023-2024 academic year is closed.  Check back in spring 2024 for next year’s application cycle.
  • Intern Manager Resources

      • Current CIDF Managers can access template position descriptions, the learning agreement, mid-quarter and final evaluations, and program documents in our shared OneDrive folder here.
  • Quarterly Hours Reporting

      • Each quarter, CIDF managers must report on their interns’ hours worked from the previous quarter. The time periods for each quarter are listed below and encompass all days an intern could work (not the academic calendar start and end dates).
          • Summer quarter: June 16 to September 15
          • Fall quarter: September 16 to December 15
          • Winter quarter: December 16 to March 15
          • Spring quarter: March 16 to June 15
      • Quarterly Intern Hour reports can be submitted using this Microsoft form. Hours are pulled using a report in WorkDay. See our How To document for more information.
  • Program Evaluations

      • As the CIDF program continues to grow, your input is vital to ensure we are running this program as effectively as possible. We ask our interns and managers to complete a program evaluation at the conclusion of their internships. For our current managers, you can access the intern evaluation here and the manager evaluation here.