Landing a job after graduation

2016 Commencement

You did it! Four (more or less) years of hard work, late nights, study sessions and endless cups of coffee and you made it through your last finals week EVER! You went to all the parties and celebrations, your friends and …

By Shannon Merchant
Shannon Merchant Career Counselor Shannon Merchant
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Surprising lessons: What I learned from my summer internship


Summer internships can be a very rewarding experience and give you a taste of what your future career will be.  They can also point you in the direction of things you don’t ever want to do and leave you struggling …

By Alexa
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How I landed a great job and built a life of adventure in Vietnam

How I landed a great job and built a life of adventure in Vietnam thumbnail image

I have always wanted to work abroad, specifically in Asia. Inspired by the tales of Orwell and Conrad traveling to Burma and Africa, I romanticized living in some strange, far away land. What could be more exciting than the idea …

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What Types of Skills Are Best for an International Studies Major?


Because international studies majors are studying so many different social science disciplines, knowing how to best tackle such an interdisciplinary major can be tricky. Here are several key skills you’ll need to be able to stay on top of your …

By WayUp Guide
WayUp Guide
The inside look into jump-starting your career
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International Opportunities (via Microsoft)


Students often mention to me in career advising appointments how great it would be to “travel” as a part of their job or career, to work for a global company, to have work and life adventures beyond our grand state …

By Patrick Chidsey
Patrick Chidsey Associate Director Patrick Chidsey
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