Welcome to the I’m Not Sure interest community!

Unsure what you are interested in for jobs or careers?  Wondering what your future (after UW!) is going to look like?  Confused because you have lots of interests and not sure how/if to include them in career plans?  Curious how your major fits (or not) with career possibilities?  Or maybe the interest communities we feature on our website don’t fit what you are interested in?

Then this is the community for you!

We recognize that many students are “figuring it out” and that takes time.  Career development is a process (including figuring out “who you are” as a person) and typically unfolds over time, by exploring and by being proactive (career activity) and sometimes even with a little luck or happenstance.

Known strategies for finding “success” in your career include capitalizing on your strengths, understanding what’s important to you (values), connecting with people who can help (networking!) and gathering information (ex: watching career videos and using resources, attending career events, reading articles, talking with people) to help with making decisions.

No matter what, you don’t have to embark on any of this alone.  Through exploring this webpage (and our other interest communities), keeping an open mind about your capabilities and future, by talking with friends, family, career coaches and mentors, you’ll find yourself supported and able to take steps towards short and long term goals.  Best wishes for your career journey!

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By Emma O'Neill-Myers
Emma O'Neill-Myers Associate Director of Employer & Student Engagement Emma O
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Don’t think you’re a salesperson? Think again.

Don’t think you’re a salesperson? Think again. photo

Inclusion and Diversity is one of the Outreach core values that I hold most dear. Exposure to different perspectives and worldviews is what makes for high functioning teams and strong interpersonal relationships and it’s a large part of why I …

By Brooke Bachesta
Brooke Bachesta Manager of Sales Development
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Employer-Led Workshops this Winter Quarter

Employer Led Workshops – Blog

Come learn from the industry experts themselves! This winter, the Career & Internship Center will be hosting Employer-Led Workshops where students can learn about pertinent career skills in each industry and ask questions of the employers. Each topic is unique …

By Mattie Bess
Mattie Bess Employer Relations Manager Mattie Bess
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Rethinking “What Can I Do With This Major?”

internship image

“What can I do with this major?” is a question a lot of students have as they begin their college education. It is also one that has a more long, detailed, and constantly changing answer that you would think.

I …

By Eli Heller
Eli Heller Career Coach Eli Heller
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The START Formula | 5 Steps to Feeling Calm and Capable

I’m not sure article image

Looking for inspiration this holiday season? Try using the START formula, as you continue to discern your path after graduation:

Entrepreneur, coach, and author Marie Forleo has dominated the world of small and internet business for over a decade. This …

By Nisha Kumar Kulkarni - Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers | Helping you land, love, and grow in your social-impact career. And visit Idealist.org explore thousands of great jobs and social-impact organizations near you.
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