Mission possible: Close the gender gap in technology

My summer of 2016 started with a little uncertainty, but ended with a lot of fulfillment.

I was leaving one job, a program manager for a young adult professional and leadership development program at a non-profit organization, and attempting to …

By Kristina Smith
Kristina Smith STEM Pipeline Program Director
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Connecting Passion & Profession: why I’m letting the idea of a hobby go

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If I introduced myself to you six months ago I’d have had a few answers to describe myself ready to go. If we were at a networking event, I’d tell you I’m that studying at the Foster School of Business …

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Senior year: What should I do if I don’t know what I want to do yet?

Univ of Washington_Commencement

I have been seeing tons of seniors this month wondering what they should be doing now (winter quarter) to graduate with a job in June. One very common question has been “what should I do if I don’t know …

By Catherine Basl
Catherine Basl Career Counselor Catherine Basl
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How I landed a great job and built a life of adventure in Vietnam

How I landed a great job and built a life of adventure in Vietnam thumbnail image

I have always wanted to work abroad, specifically in Asia. Inspired by the tales of Orwell and Conrad traveling to Burma and Africa, I romanticized living in some strange, far away land. What could be more exciting than the idea …

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Considering Graduate School?

Cassady Glass Hastings, undergraduate instructor at the college of education

If so, then this post might be for you.

For me, it was right around this time of year, December (2001), when I decided to take-the-plunge and pursue a graduate degree.  I was about 4 years into working a job …

By Patrick Chidsey
Patrick Chidsey Associate Director & Career Coach Patrick Chidsey
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