Connecting Passion & Profession: why I’m letting the idea of a hobby go

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If I introduced myself to you six months ago I’d have had a few answers to describe myself ready to go. If we were at a networking event, I’d tell you I’m that studying at the Foster School of Business …

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‘The best thing I did in college’ – Competition season begins!

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An engineer, two biochemists, and a finance major walk into a room. It’s not a bad joke leading to an even worse punchline. That is how college students form teams across the state of Washington to enter a Buerk Center …

By Charles Trillingham
Charles Trillingham Asst. Dir. of Marketing, Communications and P.R.
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What can you do with an Earth & Space Sciences degree?


Do you enjoy science and its applications to the world around you?

Would you enjoy working outdoors as well as in a laboratory environment?

The broad, interdisciplinary field of earth and space sciences can lead to careers in many areas. …

By Meghan Oxley
Meghan Oxley
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Discover local government + environmental opportunities


With the Government Career Fair quickly approaching (October 27th), it would be a good time to consider what areas of the environmental sector you would like to gain experience in. Is it producing educational programs? Enhancing our city parks? Increasing …

By Alison McCarty
Alison McCarty Career Coach Alison McCarty
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Restoration and conservation volunteer opportunities


If you are a student interested in the environment and sustainability, the beautiful Pacific Northwest is a great place to be! Volunteering can be an excellent way to check out the Seattle area, explore career possibilities, meet new people, and …

By Alison McCarty
Alison McCarty Career Coach Alison McCarty
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