Five steps for interview success

5 steps

“Tell me about a time you had to deal with uncertainty.”

Interview season is upon us, and behavior-based interview questions like this are a staple. Hopefully you are using the STAR method (explaining clearly the Situation, Task, Actions, and Results) …

By Chris Armstrong
Chris Armstrong Internship Coordinator
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Unique diplomacy immersion program (UN Boot Camp)


The Humpty Dumpty Institute’s “UN Boot Camp” is a unique diplomacy immersion program.

Now, in its fourth edition, the annual program has attracted diverse scholars from universities around the world. At the end of this intense week of study …

By Patrick Chidsey
Patrick Chidsey Associate Director & Career Counselor
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3 events you should attend if you’re exploring environmental careers


February is a busy month for internship and job searching, as well as exploring different career paths! The College of the Environment has a variety of programs and events going on – open to ALL students. I would advise you to …

By Alison McCarty
Alison McCarty Career Counselor
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‘The best thing I did in college’ – Competition season begins!

‘The best thing I did in college’ – Competition Season Begins! logo

An engineer, two biochemists, and a finance major walk into a room. It’s not a bad joke leading to an even worse punchline. That is how college students form teams across the state of Washington to enter a Buerk Center …

By Charles Trillingham
Charles Trillingham Asst. Dir. of Marketing, Communications and P.R.
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Insider LinkedIn best practices


Over 470 million users are registered on LinkedIn, so what makes one profile stand out above the rest? Follow these LinkedIn best practices to ensure yours is optimized for recruiters!

Best Practice #1 – Include a profile photo!

This may …

By Kristen Decker
Kristen Decker HuskyJobs Manager
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