Education & advocacy opportunities in HuskyJobs – December

Education & advocacy opportunities in HuskyJobs – December thumbnail image

If making an impact in Education, Non-profits, or Social Justice appeals to you, look no further for your next great experience!
With new Internships and Jobs added every day, you might find the perfect avenue to pursue your passion on HuskyJobs …

By Kristen Decker
Kristen Decker HuskyJobs Manager Kristen Decker
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How employers look for evidence of skills

Experience Infographic

Ever wonder how employers look at your resume to find evidence of skills?

Employers look for experiences that show both depth of contributions (what you did) and duration (how long you did it for). So an internship project that lasted …

By Catherine Basl
Catherine Basl Career Counselor Catherine Basl
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Teach for America interview tips


Did you recently get invited to interview with Teach for America?  If so – congrats!  We’re thrilled to hear so many Huskies made it through the competitive application process to the interview round!

Now it’s time to get interview-ready!  The …

By Emma O'Neill-Myers
Emma O'Neill-Myers Associate Director of Employer Relations Emma O
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International internships with Omprakash


Omprakash ( offers immersive international internships with over 160 grassroots social impact organizations in over 35 countries around the world. UW students can pursue internships related to health, education, economic development, refugees, disabilities, gender relations, and more.

This …

By Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith Assistant Director of Employer Relations Jessie Smith
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Get teaching experience this winter quarter with the Pipeline Project and the College of Education!

pl prjkt

If you plan to teach or are considering a career in teaching what better way than to get hands-on experience while earning UW credit.  Check out the awesome options below from the Pipeline Project and the College of Education! …

By Jon Olivera
Jon Olivera Career Counselor Jon Olivera
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