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Members of this community are interested in careers that involve working with people, solving complex problems and innovating.  Often these careers include fast-paced environments, opportunities for upward mobility and expectations of staff to exceed goals and perform at a high level.  Though a business degree (like from the excellent UW Foster School of Business) is quite useful, there are many ways to enter the business-world (even if you aren’t a business major).  People who pursue careers in Consulting and Business develop strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills.

Examples of career pathways include (but are not limited to): management, finance, operations, supply chain, human resources, business information technology, marketing, events, accounting, international business, investment banking and consulting.  Consulting usually has a focus on specific business areas such as management, strategy, technology or marketing consulting.

Women in Data Science: Advice From 4 Experts

Women in Data Science: Advice From 4 Experts thumbnail image

Interested in data science? Check out these tips from a few professionals in the field:

What’s the day-to-day of a data scientist in 2019? What skills are needed to land a data science role? What trends should data scientists be …

By T.J. DeGroat - Springboard
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Featured Alum: Tyler Ames – From Economics Major to Data Science Consultant


Who is our interviewee?

Tyler Ames works as a Consultant in the Data Science department at Mather Economics, an Atlanta-based business consultancy specializing in applied economics. Most of his current projects involve using data to boost digital subscription revenue and …

By Eli Heller
Eli Heller Career Coach Eli Heller
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The Importance of Writing Skills in Professional Business Settings

Business writing image

Business is all about numbers – data, finances, stocks, and audits, right? Wrong! While technical and quantitative skills (such as using SQL or interpreting a financial statement) rank among those most desired by employers, written and verbal communication skills are often …

By Eli Heller
Eli Heller Career Coach Eli Heller
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From FinTech Apps To Workplace Inclusion: How Deutsche Bank Employees Are Making Their #PositiveImpact

From FinTech Apps To Workplace Inclusion: How Deutsche Bank Employees Are Making Their #PositiveImpact thumbnail image

Curious about the world of FinTech? The FinTech (Finance Technology) industry consists of companies who provide financial services via innovative technology. Check out this article, from WayUp, that explores the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in FinTech, through the example …

By Liam Berry - WayUp Guide
WayUp Guide
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Building an Esports Platform with Grant Farwell (Shared Podcast from Folk Stories)

matcherino log

This is an article shared from the podcast Folk Stories run by Kevin Lin  ; all the information was created and sourced from Folk Stories   

Grant Farwell is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Matcherino, an esports platform that helps game publishers …

By CJ Sanchez
CJ Sanchez Career Coach CJ Sanchez
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