Preparing for a Career Fair (yes, it’s important!)

Preparing for a career fair is important – it helps you make the most of your time at the event, have more productive conversations with employers, and generally increase the odds of a continued conversation or interview post-Fair.  But what does preparing for a career fair really mean? Let us help!

Tips On How To Prep For The Fair:

  • Look at sample resumes in the Career Guide and consider attending the Getting Started: Resumes workshop
  • Once you have your resume drafted, stop by for a Same-Day Session [available October – early June] to get some feedback on it or utilize our online resume review service.
  • Take a look at the attending employers below using The Fairs App. Spend a few minutes researching the employers you are interested in meeting with by visiting their web sites and doing a quick review of them online. The list is updated regularly.
  • Consider attending a preparatory “Career Fair Success” workshop at the Career & Internship Center. These are often offered during the week(s) leading up to a fair and can be viewed on our calendar.
  • Prepare and practice your introduction. What do you want the employer to know about you? Which of your skills and past experiences do you want to highlight?
  • Have a short 15-second “sales pitch” ready and make sure to develop some good questions of your own to ask the employer(s)

What to Wear:

  • Your style of dress may vary according to the type of field you’re considering and the employers you plan to meet with. However, you’ll find that most employers will be wearing business-casual attire, which is a safe bet for you as well. For example, consider wearing pressed slacks or a skirt with a blouse, sweater, or collared shirt.

The Day Of The Fair:

  • Bring 10-15 copies of your well-prepared resume to the fair
  • Greet employers with a smile and handshake
  • Collect business cards
  • Send a thank you note to employers you talked with
  • Lockers or storage facilities are not available; to increase the ease with which you can move through the fair, we recommend trying to minimize what you bring with you

After The Fair:

Looking for additional insights on preparing for the fair and kickstarting conversations once you’re there? Check out our ‘Career Fair Success’ handout.