Global Health Business Case Competition


The Global Health Business Case Competition (GHBCC) is in its third year at the UW Foster Schoolof Business. The competition builds on the traditional business school case competition model by bringing together students from multiple disciplines to address a critical …

By Sha'terika Perkins
Sha'terika Perkins Career Counselor Sha
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Internship Corner – Getting Employers to Notice You


If you are submitting lots of internship applications and not getting much traction with employers, let us help!  Often we find that when students fine-tune their resume, tailor their cover letter, enhance their LinkedIn profile, and diversify their search plan …

By Briana Randall
Briana Randall Director, Internship Project Briana Randall
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INSIGHT summer research program (@ Harborview)


Eight week paid summer internship through the University of Washington at Harborview’s Injury Prevention and Research Center, called the INSIGHT Summer Research Program.

Students in our program are matched to clinical research projects at Harborview and UWMC and …

By Patrick Chidsey
Patrick Chidsey Associate Director & Career Coach Patrick Chidsey
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Inspiration vs. investigation

Nature Shots

Some of us hope we will get a career idea by walking into it (literally or figuratively). However, most career options unfold as the result of both investigation and inspiration.

I think of investigation as the methodical side of …

By Catherine Basl
Catherine Basl Career Counselor Catherine Basl
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Ten skills for an international affairs career in the 21st century

International Affairs

The world of international affairs is ever-changing and today’s world needs global leaders that are creative, nimble, and extremely committed. Whether you intend to work for the U.S. government or the private sector, 21st century careers in international affairs require …

By Sha'terika Perkins
Sha'terika Perkins Career Counselor Sha
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Show employers your skills through portfolios


If you are in an arts major on campus, you have probably been working on your portfolio. Remember though, portfolios aren’t just for your professors…show them off to potential employers and clients! In order to do that, you should consider …

By Shannon Merchant
Shannon Merchant Career Counselor Shannon Merchant
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What Is Human Resources Management?


With a projected growth rate of nine percent by 2024, human resources management is a rapidly growing field that offers candidates a variety of career opportunities from recruiting to people operations. If you’re considering becoming a human resources professional, …

By WayUp Guide
WayUp Guide
The inside look into jump-starting your career
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Teach for America interview tips


Did you recently get invited to interview with Teach for America?  If so – congrats!  We’re thrilled to hear so many Huskies made it through the competitive application process to the interview round!

Now it’s time to get interview-ready!  The …

By Emma O'Neill-Myers
Emma O'Neill-Myers Associate Director of Employer Relations Emma O
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International internships with Omprakash


Omprakash ( offers immersive international internships with over 160 grassroots social impact organizations in over 35 countries around the world. UW students can pursue internships related to health, education, economic development, refugees, disabilities, gender relations, and more.

This …

By Jessie Smith
Jessie Smith Assistant Director of Employer Relations Jessie Smith
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Get teaching experience this winter quarter with the Pipeline Project and the College of Education!

pl prjkt

If you plan to teach or are considering a career in teaching what better way than to get hands-on experience while earning UW credit.  Check out the awesome options below from the Pipeline Project and the College of Education! …

By Jon Olivera
Jon Olivera Career Coach Jon Olivera
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