Why bother? My resume just goes in a black hole anyway…..

Have you ever thought those words when looking at a HuskyJobs posting?  Trying to decide whether to go to an on-campus career fair?  Skeptically eyeballing an upcoming Meet the Employer InfoSession? We encourage you to think again, dear Huskies!

Campus-based …

By Emma O'Neill-Myers
Emma O'Neill-Myers Associate Director of Employer Relations Emma O
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Is learning to code necessary for artists and designers?

FB live coding interview

As artists and creatives, it’s always a good idea to think about skill-building outside of your medium in order to broaden opportunities available to you. Many designers and artists end up learning coding skills in order to apply their work …

By Shannon Merchant
Shannon Merchant Career Counselor Shannon Merchant
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Internship Corner – Smaller Organizations


The benefits of interning in a small organization can include the opportunity to work on meaningful projects that are central to the organization’s mission, try out a variety of tasks, work alongside key decision-makers, and connect deeply with colleagues. If …

By Briana Randall
Briana Randall Director, Internship Project Briana Randall
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Mission possible: Close the gender gap in technology

My summer of 2016 started with a little uncertainty, but ended with a lot of fulfillment.

I was leaving one job, a program manager for a young adult professional and leadership development program at a non-profit organization, and attempting to …

By Kristina Smith
Kristina Smith STEM Pipeline Program Director
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Learning for Life: transitioning from college to work

On July 7th 2012, I scanned a one-way ticket to Seattle, boarded the plane, and prepared to move into an apartment with someone I met on Facebook. Graduating from college and moving into the next phase of life is both …

By Grace Lefebure
Grace Lefebure
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Internship Corner – Evaluating Opportunities


It’s the moment you’ve worked really hard for – an email or phone call offering you an internship. Hooray! Happy dance! Now what?! Committing to an internship is a big deal. When considering an internship offer, it’s important you know …

By Briana Randall
Briana Randall Director, Internship Project Briana Randall
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Letters of recommendation: a primer


It’s that time of year again. Summer is just a few months away (although it seems like an eternity) and you are starting to make plans: internships, jobs, special summer programs and, of course, study abroad.

Oh, wait! Many of …

By Cynthia Caci
Cynthia Caci Associate Director, C21
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Connecting Passion & Profession: why I’m letting the idea of a hobby go

DanielBriggs5 header

If I introduced myself to you six months ago I’d have had a few answers to describe myself ready to go. If we were at a networking event, I’d tell you I’m that studying at the Foster School of Business …

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Engineering Career Round Table


Have questions about the job and internship search process?  What about after you get an offer? Or even what it is like to be a professional after graduation?  10 UW Alumni and Engineering professionals are coming to campus Thursday, February …

By Arianna Aldebot
Arianna Aldebot Associate Director of the Career Center @ Engineering Arianna Aldebot
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Internship Corner – Create Your Own Internship

Creating Internships

Having a hard time finding an internship that excites you, feels like a good fit, or seems appropriate for your class level or major?  Consider trying to create your own internship!  Employers without structured internship programs (most often smaller companies …

By Briana Randall
Briana Randall Director, Internship Project Briana Randall
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