Where do Communications Leadership grads get jobs?

UW has a Masters’ program in Communications Leadership that equips graduates with professional skills for high-paying jobs in tech, media, marketing, public relations, and other communications roles. The program recently released a report detailing career data from recent alumni, and it shows the tech industry was their top employer, followed by consulting, media/entertainment, and healthcare.

While many indicators remained steady between the two years of data they analyzed, the career path distribution of Comm Lead graduates changed drastically. The proportion of Comm Lead graduates engaged in Marketing, Advertising & PR related jobs dropped significantly, whereas the proportions of UX & Content Strategy, Product/Program Management and Organizational Communication increased a lot.

While the report is specific to UW’s Communications Leadership alumni, it is also an informative illustration of the variety of careers available in the field of communications. Check out the full report–including even more charts and graphs–on the Communications Leadership site.

By Kirk Heynen (He/Him)
Kirk Heynen (He/Him) Career Coach