Lex Fellowship Opportunities

Interested in pre-law study abroad programs? What about a chance to win a chance to cover the tuition for a one-week winter trip?

What’s a Lex Program?

* Visit and work on a case in 4-5 law firms per week
* 1 to 10 weeks over academic breaks
* Multiple legal specialties (several per week)
* U.S. & Europe (study abroad)
* Some programs are multi-country

*Terms: One student who completes this form by November 1, 2023 will be selected to go on a free one-week winter 2023-2024 trip with Lex. Student will be notified by the first week of November. Airfare will not be included. 

By Meaghan Wood (She/Her)
Meaghan Wood (She/Her) Career Coach