Internship Corner – How to Maximize Your Autumn Quarter Internship

As we enter the halfway point of the quarter, you might be wondering “How can I make the most of this opportunity?”. Even if you’ve only got a handful of weeks left in your internship, you can still ensure that your experience is beneficial to your goals. View some of our tips below.

  1. (Re)establish Goals: If you did not set SMART goals at the start of your internship, now is a good time to define what your goals are. Review your internship description and consider meeting with your supervisor to ensure the last few projects you work on are valuable to both you and the organization.
  2. Request Feedback: Don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor or colleagues for feedback on your performance. Constructive criticism is a valuable tool for growth and it shows that you are committed to learning and improving.
  3. Build Relationships: Connecting with your colleagues can be just as important as the work you are doing. Attend team meetings, participate in office events, and make an effort to connect with your coworkers. These connections can lead to valuable opportunities after your internship ends.
  4. Document Achievements: Keep a record of your accomplishments and contributions. If you can supply metrics (# of people reached, # of sales increased), incorporate them into your resume. This record can also be shared with your supervisor when requesting a reference or letter of recommendation in the future.

For additional advice, read our “Maximizing Internships” handout. Consider making an appointment with a Career Coach once your internship ends so that you can speak on your experience during interviews.

By Eli Davis (They/Them)
Eli Davis (They/Them) Internship Program Manager