Inside the Recruiting Black Box with Hatu Kanu of Riot Games (webinar on 11/13)

Ever wondered what happens AFTER you apply for a job???

Did a real HUMAN ever read your resume?

Or was it rejected immediately by a BOT?

And why is it taking SO FRICKIN’ LONG to hear back???

Wonder no longer.

Hatu Kanu, recruiter extraordinaire at Riot Games, is here to help you see inside the Recruiting Black Box! ⚡️

Join us for a free deep dive on November 13:

Hatu will bring you behind the scenes to understand:

1) Recruiter’s incentives – and why they don’t respond to your messages

2) What job descriptions really mean – including the keywords that determine your resume’s fate

3) How the review process works – by having Hatu review a LinkedIn profile live and in real-time!


The message above was shared from Jeremy Schifeling

By Erin Lee (She/Her)
Erin Lee (She/Her) Career Coach