Internship Corner – Academic Credit for Internship Learning

Are you interested in earning academic credit for demonstrating what you learn in an internship? If so, you have two main options:

  1. GEN ST 350 – Students engage in an internship experience in either the public sector (government/ non-profits) or the private sector (businesses) while enrolled in a distance learning section to guide reflective learning, connections to academic content, and career competencies.
  2. Departmental Internship course – If your department requires an internship, they usually offer their own internship course. Check with your academic adviser or look at the UW time schedule for an internship course in your department.

Learn more about the GEN ST 350 options here.  We are now accepting registrations for Winter quarter 2024.

By Eli Davis (They/Them)
Eli Davis (They/Them) Internship Program Manager