VAW Global Health Alliances (VAW Global) Team Leader Job Openings *great for pre-health students*

VAW Global Health Alliances (VAW Global) is a global health and development organization committed to cultivating sustainable and equitable partnerships with local communities and professionals through support and capacity-building for essential and accessible health services. Their focus is to work hand-in-hand with local initiatives and leaders to provide communities with improved access to medical, dental, and veterinary treatment, medication, nutritional security, clean water, and health education.

Job: Team Leader or Campus President

University Campus or non-university affiliated Chapters, Community Chapters

Job Summary:
Join our movement to strengthen your experience in public health and medicine, dentistry, and/or veterinary medicine while supporting healthcare systems around the world. 

VAW Global is looking for a Team Leader to recruit, prepare, and manage a team of interns during the upcoming school year. The Team Leader will have a number of responsibilities throughout the year, including forming a team of interns, developing a board of student directors, establishing VAW Global as an official club and/or class (if possible), attending regular online trainings with the VAW Global staff and other Team Leaders, and preparing their interns for their Outreach Internship Trip abroad through team trainings, workshops, and fundraising. 

Primary job responsibilities:

Team Leader (TL) on Campus
When you begin working on campus you have four main responsibilities:

  1. Develop a board of student directors (from different years) to be able to run your Chapter during the semester, and facilitate its sustainability in upcoming years. Establishing VAW Global as an official club and/or class is also highly recommended.
  2. Recruit, interview, and establish a team of interns who are committed to going on an outreach internship to either Cambodia, DR, Guatemala, Panama, Perú, or Vietnam during Summer, Winter, or Spring Break. (The team must have 15-25 people for Medical Outreach; 10-20 people for Dental Outreach and Veterinary Outreach; 12-18 people for Global Health Outreach).
  3. Attend regular online video training and meetings with VAW Global staff to be able to perform your duties as TL, and learn how to prepare your team for their Outreach Internship Trip. 
  4. Meet with your team of interns regularly, and facilitate training, workshops, and fundraising events; as well as have fluent communication with each one of them to solve questions and be the liaison between them and VAW Global.

Site Leader (SL) Abroad:
When you begin working in a country, your main job is to be an effective communicator and liaison with our on-site staff. What that means is whenever you have requests or ideas, always be proactive in reaching out to our on-site staff so we can step in when necessary and utilize our experience and local knowledge to make sure your team has the best Outreach Internship Trip possible. If you are not able to travel with your team, you can assign a Site Leader to take over this part of the role for you. 


There are several qualities that a successful Team Leader should embody:

  • Be a self-starter. Much of the work will require you to be self-motivated since you will be working independently on your campus. The staff of VAW Global Health Alliances will provide online training and the materials you need to be successful, as well as be available to provide guidance.
  • Be outgoing and social. You will need to present VAW Global’s aspirations to students, university faculty members and others, so you will need to feel comfortable articulating ideas and talking to strangers.
  • Be a leader. A lot of preparation and organization is required for the trip, so it is imperative that you can delegate responsibility and motivate your team to stay on target.
  • Be flexible and reflective. Working within new communities and supporting patients who may speak different languages and have their own customs can be challenging. It is important to, above all else, treat communities with respect and dignity, and be adaptable to their way of life while providing the best quality of care possible.
  • Be committed to health equity. VAW Global Health Alliances is a value-based organization that places patients and communities at the center. This means that Team Leaders and the interns they recruit must all be committed to understanding and addressing systemic inequities, including a wide range of socioeconomic barriers and ethnic or cultural factors, and treating all people equally, regardless of their own personal views.

The Team Leader Fellowship is open to anyone who is serious about their relevant area of study and has an interest in public health on a global level. Most Team Leaders are in the field related to the Outreach type, such as pre-med, pre-health, pre-nursing, pre-dental, pre-veterinary, biology, chemistry, public health, public policy, international relations, sociology, anthropology, or business. VAW Global values diversity in teams, so we don’t restrict the applications and welcome all majors!

Work schedule:
VAW Global expects the Team Leader to dedicate a minimum of 3-5 hours per week to this role.

Skills To Be Gained
The Team Leader will be trained and supervised directly by their assigned Team Development Coordinator. They will have regular training meetings with them as well as with the Team Leaders from other universities around the country. At the beginning, they will be instructed on how to establish a club at their school (if permitted), how to set up an executive board/leadership team as well as how to look for other students to help form a club. Throughout the year, they will receive support for and receive access to resources to prepare their team for their Outreach trip.

The Team Leader will gain effective leadership experience, international work experience, management skills, as well as many other skills. The learning opportunities from this fellowship are limitless, and we value Team Leaders who are curious, passionate, and committed to health for all.

Compensation: Will be discussed during the interview. 

How to apply: Submit your application on our website: Get Involved > Start a Chapter >  Team Leader Fellowship Application Form

Contact information:
Do not hesitate to contact the Director of Operations at with any questions you may have about this fellowship or other opportunities. 

By Lily Burnstein (She/Her)
Lily Burnstein (She/Her)