Featured LGBTQ+ RSO: Queer People of Color Alliance

Joining a Registered Student Organization (RSO) is one of the easiest and best ways to prepare for your future career. It’s no secret that job offers very often go to those who know someone, so opportunities to build your network of peers and alumni are not just social, they are also strategic. Check out some info below about this queer-centric RSO for students who identify as people of color:

The Queer People of Color Alliance, or QPOCA, is a group on the University of Washington Seattle campus that supports queer and trans folks of color to build and share community, make friends, have fun, and discuss race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality as it relates to our lives, experiences and marginalization.

In addition to weekly meetings, we also have socials, volunteering opportunities, educational programming, event coordination, field trips, and more.

QPOCA holds regular meetings on Friday afternoons in the Ethnic Cultural Center, often with fun themes that vary each week. Their next meeting, on Friday, Feb. 24, will take place at the planetarium on campus!

Find out more about upcoming QPOCA meetings and events on their Facebook or Instagram pages.

By Kirk Heynen (He/Him)
Kirk Heynen (He/Him)