Finding Your Way Within Population Health: Exploring Careers Across Disciplines – Winter Quarter 2023

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The Population Health Initiative is partnering with the School of Public Health to offer a series of lectures during winter quarter 2023. This seminar course is designed for UW students who are interested in exploring population health career tracks across disciplines and sectors. Students from varying degree programs will become familiar with the multiple pathways that can lead them to a career within population health.  

This is a one-credit seminar graded as Credit/No Credit course. Classes will take on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:20pm in Thomson Hall 125. Students are expected to attend in person.  

Students can expect weekly seminars to cover a breadth of subjects from a variety of industry professionals within the Seattle-area community. After building a foundation by defining population health, students will examine strategies on how to address inequities with an anti-racist lens, explore approaches to international humanitarian response, dive into advocacy for transportation, food, and climate equity, and explore social enterprise within the population health sphere.  

A sneak peak of organizations, topics, and leaders include: 

·         Addressing Inequities with an Anti-Racist Lens when Tackling Population Health issues, Candace Jackson, Pyramid Communications and African American Health Board, and Wendy Barrington, UW Center for Anti-Racism and Community Health,  

·         International Humanitarian Response, Colleen Hardy, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  

·         Addressing Food Equity Through Policy, Christina Wong, Northwest Harvest  

·         Advocating for Transportation Equity, Kelsey Mesher, Transportation Choices 

The course will culminate in a reflective essay that will give students an opportunity to summarize their experience in the course, as well as an instructor-led workshop on translating different interests into real-world opportunities. Details on the course section and time schedule can be found here.  

A story on the course can be found here:

By Lily Burnstein (She/Her)
Lily Burnstein (She/Her)