UW Law | Student Spotlight: Annalyse Harris

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After a year in Miami, Florida at St. Thomas University College of Law, Annalyse Harris, 2L, decided to switch things up. She applied to transfer to the University of Washington School of Law and received her admittance letter soon afterward. She didn’t think twice about moving 3,500 miles across the country to continue her legal education and immediately began setting things in motion for the big move.

As an undergraduate, Harris was inspired to focus on an issue that was important to her—juvenile justice reform. She has since expanded her interests to include construction deficiency and had the opportunity this past summer to learn more about this area of law as an intern for a Miami law firm.

Watch along as Annalyse recounts her whirlwind decision to move to the Pacific Northwest to further her legal studies and how she plans to make an impact on the world.

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By Meaghan Wood (She/Her)
Meaghan Wood (She/Her) Career Coach